Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We decided that it was time for Lucas to upgrade to a big boy room... so here's a little preview! We chose the Dino Roar theme because he already had a great deal of primary colored organizer bins in his room to begin with. Plus...the boy loves dinos!

The new bedding is full of his favorite dinos! He now has a twin size bed with three drawers down below and a head board for his toys/books! We kept the safety rail for familiarity, but I'm sure he's ready to take it down.

I couldn't find any artwork or wall decorations that went well with this set, so I made my own! I found a $5 wooden dinosaur puzzle at Michaels and decided to make each into piece into its own frame. I found scrapbook paper that matched the bedding precisely and went from there!

I hung the frames along the long wall in his room and later want to make a wall decoration of his name to go next to his bed.

I then topped the room off with this cute Dino toy box! This was given to us a while back and it's been kept in the yard for the outdoor toys. I honestly didn't even think to add it to the room until I had the bedding in hand. It was a perfect fit if I do say so!

Lucas absolutely loves his new room...and especially his new bed! He has been doing fantastic at night and has only woken up screaming a small number of times since the transformation. He's even disappeared a few times and I find him already tucked away under his blankies! Nap time and bedtime are a piece of cake...he LOVES sleeping in his new room!

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tomwickland said...

Quick note
This adorable dino was RECALLED.
A young child can climb inside and get his/her head stuck inside the head of the dino.