Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the Cecils!

We were so blessed to be able to spend the holidays in California with my family (first time in 5 years!) Even though I haven't been home for Christmas in years, I fell back into our family traditions with such ease. Not only was this baby Levin's very first Christmas, but Lucas and my youngest brother Cameron (who are absolutely inseparable) got to enjoy the holiday together.

We opened presents, had a big family breakfast, enjoyed each others company, had a delicious Christmas feast, and ended the night watching home movies of us when we were little! Talk about a blast from the past...and some incriminating stuff!

We also got to celebrate a 'Friends Christmas Party' a few days prior with all of our friends and their newly expanding families. It was so amazing to see everyone all grown up, and watching all of our children interact together. It's crazy how much things change in a few short years.

Everything was priceless.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just keep pinning!

What do I love more than Pinterest itself? Having an amazingly handy husband to build me everything I ask of him!

It's no secret. I'm an absolute addict when it comes to Pinterest. I've mellowed out recently in these last weeks only because I had to make myself stop. I was spending too much time staring at my phone that it started giving me headaches and keeping me awake at night. I realized I had a serious problem when I caught myself (multiple times) still browsing the site after nursing the baby back to sleep. When you're sitting awake pinning things at 3am while the rest of your house is asleep...you've got problems.

But I honestly do feel like the ideas that we've recreated have bettered my life and the look and feel of my home. Truly. I love being organized and efficient and I feel that Pinterest has aided me in both of those areas.

Not only did I get all of the inspiration for Lucas' pirate party from Pinterest, but I have also been trying out lots of new recipes and wonderful arts and crafts ideas for Lucas. And when I need a good laugh, I browse through the humor section. Although I quickly had to ban that because I found myself laughing so hard that I'd wake up my little nursling when I was suppose to be getting him back to sleep. And trying not to laugh always resorted in this awkward barking/snorting noise and a spastic chest from it's inability to breathe normally. I always feel lame for thinking something so stupid could possibly be so funny...but then I remind myself that someone else must have thought the same thing or else it wouldn't be pinned, right?!

I love pictures and never felt that I had an effective way to display a large amount. My home is fairly small and I didn't want to over stimulate the walls with frames in every direction. When I saw this idea, I instantly fell in love! It took my husband a whole 10 minutes to build, too. We painted it black and I went to the local thrift shop for miscellaneous frames. I wanted an array of mismatched frames, but in the same color, and I think it turned out great! I want to build another one for my room now.

Laundry has always been a stress factor for me. I feel like it's a never ending chore and I get so frustrated that my husband constantly throws his clothes on the floor. When we arranged Levin's room, we moved all of the office furniture into our bedroom and that left little to no space for a laundry basket. (which always seemed to be overflowing anyways). So this idea sold me the moment I saw it! Not only is my laundry now kept in one specific area, but it gets sorted into lights, darks, and Levi's work clothes (which I don't like to have touching my clothes!) PERFECT. I love having the washer and dryer elevated too because I'm no longer bending over and killing my back. I wish we would have done this a long time ago!

Lucas loves loves loves to read. Honestly, he would have me read 100 books a day if I allowed it. I knew we've accumulated quite the stash over these past 3 years, but I didn't realize exactly how much until I sorted through. I decided to pull out all of the 'baby' books and move those over to Levin's room, but Lucas still had more books than I knew what to do with. I loved the Ikea spice rack idea, but since we don't have one here I decided to go with the rain gutter bookshelves. And boy did I chose right! I absolutely love how it turned out. Not only does it make his room look bigger, but the books are displayed in a more engaging way.

Lucas' shelves turned out so well that we decided to put some smaller ones in Levin's room, too!

So even though I feel like I've waisted hours of my life sucked into this addicting site, I at least have some great things to show for it. Thank you hubby!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Levin has found his feet!

I remember this stage with Lucas and it was so much fun to watch. Every time I turn around Levin is squeezing his chubby little toes! How is my baby growing so fast? Next he's going to be rolling. Then crawling. Then walking. AHH! And also discovering other little body parts (not so much looking forward to that part!)

Watching a baby develop is by far the most amazing thing in the world. Every day new strides are met and they becoming stronger, more independent, and more alert little human beings. I love it!! I could spend my entire life making babies and watching them grow. But of course, hubs would never go for that. So I have to soak it all in now as we go!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bottle Disaster

I have 5 short weeks until school begins. This means that baby needs to be bottle ready and prepared to leave my sight for hours at a time. As much as I hate the idea of leaving my kids, I'm somewhat excited to get out of the house and do something just for myself...even if that means cramming my poor mommy brain with lots of useful medical info!

We decided to give Levin his first bottle this weekend, and it did not go as planned. I've heard many people say that it can take a while and that you may have to try multiple different brands, but I somewhat thought this would be a nice easy transition. Apparently I was dead wrong!

Levi tried for some time and baby was getting beyond frustrated. He would never suck on the bottle nipple. Instead, he would bite on it and push it out of his mouth with his tongue. After a while I tried too. I know it's usually best if someone other than mom is associated with the bottle, but I could tell Levi was getting nowhere.

Still, he hated it. He got so worked up that we took a good break. After he was happy and smiley once again I brought it back. Still no luck. At this point he was even pushing it away with his hands. We took another break and as soon as I even brought the bottle near him again, he screamed! He knew exactly what I was trying to do and wanted no part of it.

I gave up and decided to just boob him (which he did in about one second flat). We did this entire dance all over again at the next feeding and I finally gave up.

My first attempt at bottle buying was completely unsuccessful. I stood in the aisle forever and finally got so overwhelmed that I just left. This is an entirely new world for me and I don't like it one bit! I exclusively breastfed Lucas until he was done, and I wish I could continue to do the same with Levin. So I polled all of my family and friends to find out which bottles worked best for them, and the Playtex drop-in inserts seemed to have won the vote. I went out and bought one, but it came with a slow flow nipple. I'm going to take a guess that the nipple needs to be upgraded to medium or fast because my own are definitely not on the slow side. I honestly feel like I'm choking the poor kid half the time.

So my fingers are crossed that a different nipple does the trick. If not, an entirely different bottle brand may be in order. This entire situation was awkward, frustrating, and disappointing. I hate having to push for something that neither of us seem to want, but I'm pretty optionless at this point. I have a client due any time and I need him a little more cooperative so that I can leave him with dad. (Although they offered to allow me to bring him along too, but I'm not sure that I want to take him to a hospital birth). If only I could bring him to school with me too...life would be much easier!