Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter Wonderland

As much as I've tried to avoid the notion...winter is definitely here. My 4-Runner just got a nice new set of studded snow tires (thanks to hubby!), the vehicles need to be plugged in at night, and we can't forget the obvious blanket of white snow that's covering the entire city.

I spent a week or so pretending that it hasn't really happened and secretly hoping that the snow wouldn't stick. But now it's time to face reality. Winter is here. It really really is.

I realized that I am about to endure my 6th Alaskan winter and yet this California body of mine still hasn't quite adapted. I'm already dreading the dry skin and cracking scalp that I know is about to happen. Between the crisp dry air and having to wash my hands every 15 minutes at the hospital, my poor skin is a mess. Mental note to self: use more coconut oil!

So even though I am not a huge fan of snow I find it absolutely adorable that my boys are. They love to play outside regardless of the temperature. And the best part....preschool and daycare help them get that daily fix. I love that they get out, but even more when it's not me having to do it! This California girl prefers to hibernate all winter drinking hot cocoa and watching the snow through a window. But I'm sure there will be many days of snow play in my future. Now that I'm outnumbered I'm bound to be drug outside a time or two.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


A little late, I know, but our littlest man is officially a toddler. No more infant. Such a big, handsome, happy man he is, too. It's crazy to think that I was holding him for the first time just a little over one year ago. Feels like he's honestly been in my life forever. He has been walking for months and is quite the runner these days. He loves to follow his big brother around everywhere and I've even caught them play wrestling on a number of occasions. I'm sure it wont be long before those turn into full fledged wrestles.

He absolutely loves music! He dances, claps and sings anytime he hears a song. I recently took him to a book party in the park and it wasn't long before he made his way to the music tent. I turned my back for two seconds and he crawled up onto the drums, stood up, and was dancing away. I'm thinking of putting him in a weekend music class for babies since music is such a big part of his life. He loves all genres of music and will even head bang to the ABC's. But the cutest of all is his singing. His can actually sing to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle.

He is so outgoing and can put a smile on anyones face. He is talking quite a bit and really comprehends commands and questions. It's so fun to ask him to grab something and watch him follow through with the request. His amazement, and even frustrations, are so amusing to watch. Little people really are the coolest!

Since Mr. Man started walking our lives have forever changed. He used to be so easy going but he is really starting to push his limits. I'm pretty sure he should have been named Danger because I find myself constantly gasping as I discover him climbing or standing on random objects. My bet is that he'll need stitches by two!

He absolutely loves dogs and will spot them out everywhere we go. On a recent hike he didn't miss one single dog that passed us by. His little "dog, dog, dog!" never gets old.

As crazy as it is that my baby is now a toddler, my oldest is about to turn 4! Holy this even possible?!

This kid has got the funnest personality around! I honestly have never gone a single day without him making me laugh. He is sweet, smart, funny and an amazing big brother!

I try to spend special "date" time with Lucas because it's not often that we get to be alone. With the change of semesters my schedule now allows me to take him to school a few days a week. We often have a bit of time to spare so we are creating new morning traditions together!

I just had his Parent-Teacher conference and was told that he is doing fantastic! This year we put him in the Pre-K program as well so Lucas has made many new friends. He is so sweet and all of the kids just gravitate to him. Not to mention to the buddies he's made from daycare also. Who wouldn't want to be Lucas' friend? He's a pretty amazing kid!

He has an extra special birthday party coming up this weekend so I am busy prepping all the Superhero details. I can't wait! Four whole years have flown by since this little munchkin made me a mama. And what an amazing four years it has been!

Levin's 1st Birthday

I am busily prepping for Lucas' birthday party next weekend and it dawned on me that I never posted anything about Levin's 1st birthday. He is such a unique little person so I wanted a birthday theme to resemble that. Nothing caught my eye while shopping around so I figured I'd get creative with all of his favorite things....airplanes, snakes, and blueberries!

I carved an airplane out of a watermelon and stuffed it full of grapes, cut out airplane pb&j's, and dipped marshmallows in delicious blue colored chocolate to make propellers. The snake bread sticks with olive eyes ended up being a pretty big hit, as were the yummy blueberry muffins (instead of cupcakes).

For the cake I stuck with angel food cake and fresh strawberries. It was adorable and took only a few minutes to make. Best of all, the birthday boy enjoyed it. And mom was happy that his belly was full of healthy strawberries instead of sugary frosting!

We had such a great turnout and the weather thankfully cooperated with us. It was a tad windy, but the kiddos sure didn't mind. We even had a surprise moose visitor run out onto the open field. We reserved one of the nearby parks so the kids were able to play on the structures as well as run around the fields. All it took was a bucket of balls and the party took care of itself!

My goofy little man is so loved by his family and friends and it warms my heart to see people come together to celebrate his existence. I love this boy more than I ever imagined I could! And I even love making fun of his silliness...hence the "Baby Gollum" photo above!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pushing limits

Yes world, I am still alive. I miss this little blog of mine and the satisfaction that I get from writing it. As busy as I am, I'm going to try and devote more time to keeping this lifeline of mine going.

My life just continues to get crazier and crazier and I find myself buried in the midst of all of its chaos. Some days...well most days to be honest, I find myself questioning why I continue to torture myself with all that's piling on my plate. I feel like life just keeps dishing me up another dose before I've even managed to finish up my first. I'm trying my best to keep a smile on my face and a positive attitude around my kids, but I'm sinking. Or more like floating. I'm keeping myself afloat for the time being, but we all know that you can only tread on for so long.

School is truly taking up more of my time that I am comfortable with. I am struggling to keep a happy balance and lately feel a wide array of emotions. I feel overwhelmed, guilty for not being as available to my kids, and even embarrassed by the parent I'm becoming. My children have always been my entire life and I'm constantly reminded that they are on a temporary back burner. Don't get me wrong, I haven't abandoned my children by any means, but my head and heart are not always in the right place these days. My mornings consist of herding everyone out the door with full bellies and all their belongings, and my evenings consist of feeding those tummies again and getting everyone settled into bed. In between those few hours each day that I'm actually around my kids, I'm juggling school, housework, and a number of other responsibilities. When did my life get so fast tracked? Where did my countless cuddle hours go with my kids where our biggest worry of the day was choosing which activity to include ourselves in?

I have officially passed the half way mark and I am beginning to see a little light at the end of my tunnel. I try to be optimistic in realizing that I'm half way done, but it's hard not to wonder "am I seriously only half way done?!" I'm ready to have my simple family life back where all of my energy and focus stays on my loved ones. I'm ready to enjoy my nights and weekends again instead of feeling continuously exhausted and overwhelmed. I miss taking my children to weekday activities and having play dates with friends. And I especially miss the happy, energetic, up-beat mom that I used to be.

I talk to other nursing students and I know that I'm not the only person feeling this way. I know we are all just taking it day by day until this madness of a program is over, but I hate that I decided to take on this responsibility while my children are so little. I pray for time to quickly pass by so I can be done with this phase of my life. But I also want time to stop in its tracts so that I can savor these precious moments with my babes. Either way, I can't win. I'm secretly hoping that they are young enough not to remember my absences so that I don't carry around this guilt forever. I'm doing great in school, but wondering if that's at the expense of my family? Lucas asked me recently if I always take him to preschool and daycare because I'm "tired of him." Needless to say that one instantly sent me to tears and ruined my entire day. Please Lord, tell me that my child is not going to hate me and grow up with unresolved abandonment issues. Tell me that everything is going to work out just fine and that it will all be worth it in the end. There are countless working families around the world functioning just as we are now. So why do I feel so guilty all the time?

I remind myself that I'm not doing this for me. Yes, I want a career. I want to be successful and have a rewarding life to look back on. But I want my family even more. This education allows me to have the family I dream about and to give my children the many opportunities that I want for them. This isn't for me. It's for them. And as long as I can keep reminding myself that, I will continue to float.

These are the faces that keep me going, and these and the faces that light up my world. I never forget how blessed I am to call myself their mother. This is what life is all about!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

11 Months!

Levin is eleven! Eleven months that is. Hard to believe we're only one more month away from toddlerhood. How exciting yet incredibly sad at the same time.

He is one wild little creature! Big boy toys absolutely fascinate him and he loves to act like he's already a toddler. Maybe having an older brother prompts him to want to do certain activities, but I feel like he never wants to play like a baby anymore

If you can't tell, he loves vehicles! He loves riding in/on them, playing with them and imitating their noises. It's amazing how much of a boy this little man is already. He is in love with airplanes most of all! He spotted his first one flying above a few weeks ago and it nearly made me and Levi tear up. He heard the sound, gasped, and pointed his tiny little finger at the sky. He stood there, wide-eyed and pointing, until the plane was out of sight. Shortly after coming back inside we found him playing with one of Lucas' cars, but pretending it was a plane. He was swooping it around his head making airplane noises...loving every minute of it! There's nothing greater than watching your children learn right before your eyes! His expressions and actions were absolutely priceless to watch.

He loves being outside and is really comfortable crawling around in the dirt and grass now. That cautious little baby is he's hard to keep on eye on! He is walking around and taking as many as 10 steps at a time. He loves to stand and squat. I think he's pretty proud that he can get up without something to hold onto these days.

He's also a big fan of hiking! He's always loved to be worn so it was no surprise that he would love it while hitting the trails. Nature is so inspiring to babies and I just love watching him explore his surroundings. Some of his favorites are sticks, rocks, trees, and leaves!

The biggest development this month (other than practically walking!) is his huge stride in communication and understanding. He loves to mimic our actions and demonstrate how to properly use certain items. He knows that phones are for talking on and if I say "hello" he will put it to his ear!
He will also follow commands and shake, tap, clap, and bonk items if I tell him to. He isn't talking near as much as brother was at eleven months, but I am still so proud of his words. He now says dada, mama, dog, ni-night, more,  and my all time favorite....tickle-tickle! I can't help but giggle every time he pretends to tickle. He is very attached to his green blankie and a few days ago I could tell something was wrong. He was crawling around looking for something and was obviously sad that he couldn't find it. He looked at me very pitifully and wimpered 'ni-night?" I knew he wanted his blankie (as he's asked for it a few times before) so I went and pulled it out of his crib. His eyes lit up, he squeeze it super hard and then he started rubbing his fingers all over it while laughing "tickle-tickle ni-night". It was the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen him do!

He is also very communicative while eating. Every time I tell him to open, he says "ahh". And when you ask him if something is good he immediately smiles and says "mmm!". I probably ask him both questions like 20 times each meal because I think it's just super stinkin' cute! I'll even admit that I'm waiting for him to mix up the answers...but he never does. He's a smart little cookie!

He is still a super eater, fantastic sleeper and now a determined climber. I have such a hard time keeping this boy on the floor. He'll climb boxes, buckets, chairs, you name it!

He's almost too big to throw into the sink for a quick bath these days. His hair is starting to get so long that it's curling at the tips and he even has 3 teeth (working on #4). One of the top teeth decided to come out by themselves so he looks so goofy at the moment. I can't help but laugh every time he smiles! The other top is beginning to protrude through so hopefully it's a quick advancement. Teeth are so evil!

This last month has been so full of excitement! As big as he's getting, I love that I can still look down at him and see a tiny little person. He has the greatest personality and is such a magnet of happiness!

Birthday Relaxation

I just had the most amazing birthday weekend ever...all thanks to my awesome hubby! After classes on Friday I was sent to the top floor of the downtown Sheraton to be pampered at the Ice Spa. I got an amazing hour long massage, followed by a manicure and a pedicure. Wow! What a relaxing way to spend my day! I have never had so many services done at once and the view was spectacular! I stared out at the ocean while getting my nails done...perfection!

I got home, thanked hubby for the awesome time, and was then instructed to pack my bags. What?! Where in the world were we going? And what about the kids?

Apparently hubby had all the details figured out. We got the kids settled down and then we headed out of town. I was whisked away to Alyeska Resort in Girdwood and couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. I've always wanted to go and didn't see it happening between school and the boys. But both of the kids sleep wonderfully through the night and are angels for our sitter, so we made the leap!

Not only did he book us a suite on the very top floor, but he also made us mountain top dinner reservations for Seven Glaciers! We took the tran ride up and got to sit and enjoy a gorgeous view while we had the most amazing meal of our lives. Honestly, I have never raved about a meal as much as this one. Best food and best drinks EVER!

The next morning we went to breakfast and then decided to take a swim at the indoor salt water pool. We must have gotten lucky with the fishing weekend because we had the place practically to ourselves! It was so nice to swim, enjoy the hot tub and take a nice sit in the sauna alone with my man. Made us both realize how much we truly miss the water.

We arrived back home around noon on Saturday and as our sitter was leaving she said that she would be back around 6. I had no idea what she was talking about and I couldn't help but laugh when hubby started grinning. He had surprised me with tickets to the Citizen Cope concert but we decided to do dinner and a movie instead. It was raining and we were both far too exhausted for an outdoor concert. (thank goodness for Craigslist). We went out, dined, had a few drinks, and saw the new Batman movie. A lovely date night to top off our trip!

What an awesome weekend! My husband has never been the big romantic type and can never really keep a secret, so I was ecstatic about all the effort he put forward for my birthday. It was great to spend some alone time and pamper ourselves as a couple. I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Danger is my middle name!

Lucas is sure growing up fast! As of last month he is now 3.5 years old. I still find this hard to believe at times. Where is the world did my first born baby go?

We have hit the wild age that I knew would someday come. Lucas has always been more of a cautious child and definitely more on the timid side. He really stepped out of this shell once pre-school started and he is only becoming more brave and independent by the day.

I knew that his middle name would come back to bite me in the butt eventually. I guess I just didn't expect it to be this soon! There have been five incidences this month where he pulled the name card. FIVE! Oh begins!

The first time completely threw Levi off guard and he laughed pretty hard. Lucas took it upon himself to climb up a rather large ladder and get onto the roof of our shed. When Levi asked what he was doing and warned him that he could fall and get hurt, Lucas simply replied, "I'm not going to fall. My middle name is DANGER!"

Now any incidence where safety is a concern he seems to think that he is immune. Maybe this is just a normal tendency for a toddler boy, but the name choice sure doesn't help.

He's all boy though. His recent obsession are superheros and you'd better believe this boy can tell you all about any character you ask. He's watched all of the movies, and even likes the old school cartoons found of netflix.

Surprise, surprise...he also loves motorcyles just like his dad.

Any chance to take a ride around the block and this kid jumps for joy. He recently took a ride with his Uncle Pete and they passed a fire truck. Apparently Lucas thrusted his arm into the air and yelled "Motorcycle...yeah!" to the firemen while grinning ear to ear. He wouldn't stop riding and was nearly blue and frozen when we convinced him to put the bike away.

He's also really into climbing!

He loves some of the indoor rock walls and is getting pretty good at climbing them solo. There is one at his favorite indoor bounce place and a number of birthday parties that we've recently attended had one. Levin takes a lot of interest in watching him climb the walls...I forsee two wild little climbers on our hands!

He's also a huge fan of climbing outdoors, too. Who wouldn't love climbing around on rocks while pretending to be a superhero? Expecially in this beautiful Alaskan summer that we've had.

He loves parks, walks, hikes and just being outdoors in general. Summer has been fun with all the water play, but he's even content just having a picnic and flying a kite. We've even just had a number of picnics in our front yard per his request.

Along with the hard play of summer comes a really tired boy at the end of the day. We've been having quite a few meltdowns in the late evening so we recently bumbed bedtime up to 7:30-8p. The sun has been waking him up way earlier than it should so we had to make some adjustments on the other end. It seems to be making a difference and I really don't mind the extra quiet time in the evenings!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Super Dad!

Not that we need a special holiday to celebrate how wonderful of a father Levi is, last weekend just so happened to be Father's Day... so we did just that!
I am continuously impressed at how amazing he is with our boys. I am beyond blessed to have him as my partner as we tackle this crazy little thing called parenthood. I can always trust that he will go above and beyond and put their best interests first. I couldn't have chosen a better daddy for my children. We are a great team, but we differ in just the right amount of aspects. My children are oh so lucky to have him!

If only all his old friends could see him now...he is 100% daddy. Poop changing, bath giving, story reading, bike riding, play fighting DAD! Seeing my three guys together just melts my heart. The boys obviously adore, love, and admire him. No one can break this bond!
So I did learn something very important this year....three year olds are awful at keeping secrets! I think next year Lucas may have to be kept out of the loop until the last possible minute. Levi walked in the door after work one evening and Lucas blurted out "tomorrow is going to be a very special day but I'm not allowed to tell you about it!" All night long he would reference to the gifts, but would also throw in the fact that Levi's not allowed to know. It was hilarious.

I got a few cute ideas off Pinterest and we went to work. We started off by making a card that was folded as a tee-shirt. Lucas loved doing this with me since he just recently discovered the wonderul art of origami.

Next we decided to make something special and surprise him with his all time favorite...fruit snacks! We covered a 6-pack case of root beer with scrapbook paper to match the tie on the card. I got some adorable print outs online and we got to work filling each bottle. This was also a difficult task to do with a three year old since many of the fruit snacks somehow made a detour into his mouth! Regardless, I think it turned out really cute.

Needless to say, the bottles didn't last very long. Levi is a true fruit snack addict.

We also made a picture of all of our hands together. I still love looking back at the handprint art piece we did for Levi's very first Father's Day in 2009. Baby hands are just too precious!

It's a little difficult to see in the picture because of the glare, but the scrapbook paper was really nice quality and has a bit of a shimmer to it. I am still pretty blown away at how similar the boys' hand sizes are. Levin is growing entirely too fast.

Overall, we had a really good day as a family. We went to Friday's for lunch and were surprised when we found out that children eat free on Sundays, Dads got a free slice of pie, and they had a $5 drink menu. Score! And the weather was gorgeous all day, too. It's not often that we get to spend an entire day together as family, but I'm happy we were able to on this occasion.

10 Months!

My oh's about time to start the countdown until Levin's first birthday already! This year is flying by!

He is now 10 months old and getting wilder by the day! He continues to destroy our house every chance that he gets, and never fails to help himself to anything and everything. But now he knows when he's getting in to something that he shouldn't. He's started a new game where he will wait until we look and then throw everything around while giggling. He has quite the arm and will even play fetch with himself for a half hour at a time. It's also the same when he's sneaking back into one of the rooms. He'll patiently wait at the door until he makes eye contact. Then he races away as fast as his little body can crawl laughing the entire time. This is such a fun age!

As mobile as he has been for a bit it's no surprise that he's already trying out his next big leap...walking! He is getting really brave and has taken a few steps on several occasions. But right now what he's most comfortable doing is just standing around. I've seen him stand for upwards of about 30-40 seconds at a time. He's even getting comfortable enough that he can twist around while standing up. Walking is surely in the near future, but i'm not in any rush. Yes, I'll even admit that I've pushed him down a time or two. I love the crawling phase and want to get the most out of it!

I am so excited that it is summertime! We have been blessed with some gorgeous weather lately and you can sure believe that we've been taking advantage of it! This child LOVES the water! I wonder if being born into the water has created this effect because Lucas sure wasn't this intrigued at 10 months old.

One day was even a scortching 70 degrees so me and boys went and spent a few hours at the lake. I didn't expect Levin to be as adventurous as he was. But then again, I shouldn't be all that surprised. Apparently there's not much relaxing at the beach with this one...he couldn't sit still! He literally crawled along the shore line and even booked it straight out into the water. He could care less that the water was getting deeper and deeper! So I spent quite a while walking him outwards. Boy did he get mad when I tried to walk him back to shore though. Thanfully he realized fairly quickly that the sand was all that tasty. Quite the success if I do say so.

Although still not a huge fan of grass, he's doing much better. Like I said before, we've been spending lots of time outdoors. He is quite the little mimicker theese days, too. He loves to copy actions and repeat words and his newest favorite it clapping whenever somebody says "yay!"

He's even big enough to enjoy playing with some of the outdoor toys. Not to mention the nice little tan he has going on! I'm glad that he enjoys the outdoors so much. Nice way to tire him out!

Although he is mostly on the go, I can still get a few little cuddle sessions in with my little monster. Isn't this a great picture? It was taken by my little photographer, Lucas!

His verbal skills are really picking up and he is still a wonderful sleeper. His is also a great eater! This kid will eat just about anything I put in front of him, and will even beg like a dog if you're eating in his presence. He still only has two teeth, but we suspect the top ones are coming in soon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hazelwood Teething Necklace

Lucas was an awful teether. Each and every tooth popped up individually (never in a pair) and the process was long and painful....for everyone. Half of me thought that I deserved a break this time around, but then I slapped some sense into myself and decided that I shouldn't just sit around waiting on luck. Chances are I wouldn't get my way anyways.

I've heard many good things about teething necklaces but I was so stubborn and didn't want to put a necklace on my son. Period. Had I have had a girl I would have be more open to the idea, but it just wasn't something I saw as an option. This time however, my parenting has changed in many ways. I find myself more laxed, less cautious, and more open to new ideas/experiences. I guess that goes with living and learning!

So I did a little research and decided that it couldn't hurt to get one for Levin. I ordered mine from Tiny Teethers and it was here in about one week. We went with the grey and green beads in an attempt to have it look as masculine as possible. Many people chose to use the Amberwood, but I decided to go with a Hazelwood one for many reasons: it'll all organic and has various natural healing properties in addition to teething relief.

Hazelwood has the medicinal property to neutralize the body's acidity levels. Teething causes acidity levels to rise and results in pain, acidic drool/diaper rash, and even eczema. Unfortunately, Levin's poor skin was covered in eczema so I figured the hazelwood would be a win-win for us.

And what do you worked! His skin has been clear (with a few minor areas) ever since we got the necklace. He has two teeth at the moment but I can tell more are on their way. He doesn't seem near as fussy as he was with the firsts and I have to admit that the necklace has totally grown on me. It gives him this hippy/hawaiian baby kind of look :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

9 Months!

My oh my, where has the time gone? Levin is now NINE months old and really turning into a little boy.  Sadly, I watch his babyness dwindle away a little more each day. It's not fair that they grow so darn fast, but I truly do love watching him develop. Words cannot describe how much I love this little soul.

He's into everything and always on the go!  We've had to bust out the baby gate to keep him secluded in the front of the house. If he makes his way to the kitchen he goes straight for the dog food, and he races to play in the toilet any time he can. He also tries to book it out the door as soon as it's opened. I had forgotten how diligent you have to be with a crawler. He's so determined and so so sneaky!

I was shocked to find out that he actually lost a pound during this last month, but also that he shot up a whole inch and a quarter. Levi made a comment that he seemed taller and boy was he right! I'm afraid these chunky legs are going to start thinning out soon with all his speed crawling and couch cruisin'. I love baby rolls...hopefully they stick around a while longer.

He is trying so hard to walk already, too!  He is a pro at cruising along the couch and I swear he's close to running along side it. He loves his little push walker also and is starting to "walk" all around the living room.

Levin loves to be outside just like his big brother! We've been going to a handful of parks lately since the weather has been so nice and it's wasn't a surprise to find out that he loves to swing. Who doesn't loved to be pushed?!

He's also a huge fan of the bike trailer. My heart about melted when I came home early from class one day and found Levi pulling the boys up and down the road. Both boys usually end up passing out after a short amount of time, but it's something that they both love. And it's definitely a workout!

We've been having our fair share of picnics these days. Levi built a fire pit out back and we had dinner outside recently. I was so impressed when he sat at this mini-picnic table to eat his snack. Food always gets his attention! Oh, and speaking of which...he now has TWO teeth! And he's been trying lots of fun new foods with his little chompers.

This is him doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song with me and Lucas! His all-time favorite song though is "I'm a Little Teapot" and it's hilarious to watch him light up when I start singing. There have been a handful of occasion where I've sung other songs back to back and he shows little to no interest. As soon as I begin his favorite song, his expression changes and he starts dancing. It's adorable! He also has a singing toy he got from his Great Grandma Debbie on Easter that he dances with. He sways his arms and his body while singing "hop, hop." I really need to get it on video!


He spends most of his days terrorizing his big brother! I give it a few more months and they'll be full on wrestling. I'm amazed at how strong Levin is already.

His vocabulary is really starting to expand! He's made up his own word...."gog". It's our ongoing family joke and we always find ourselves shouting "gog" at everything. He is so serious when he says/shouts it. I wish I knew what he was really trying to say.

He says "dada" all the time but I'm still waiting for mama. He'll say it on occasion, but it's nothing like the ways he calls for his daddy. Sometimes he even just yells "DAD!". He also says "ni-night" when he's going to bed. It's beyond adorable! He's very attached to his blanket and insists on holding it while he nurses and sleeps. While he was boobing today he kept feeling around for it and couldn't get a grasp. He unlatched, looked at me with the most pitiful face and whined "ni-night". I about died of cuteness overload! He's even put the two phrases together a handful of times and said "ni-night dada". I love our night time's one of the highlights of my day. We go around and he kisses everyone and says his goodnights. I lay him down, cover him up, and he smacks his lips until I kiss him!


On the sleeping note I am very jealous of his cuddles with daddy. He rarely cuddles with me these days. It appears that those are all reserved for Levi. For some reason both of the boys prefer to be nuzzled up next to their daddy. I shouldn't complain least I get to witness all the love!

Lucas and I call him our little Mohawk Man! I can't believe how much hair he has already. After we rub him down with lotion we run a tad over his scalp. Doubles as a perfect gel!

I love love love this boy! He's so happy, smart, energetic, and attentive. So excited for him to explore the Alaskan outdoors this summer. Our backyard make-over is in effect. Time to build more structures for this wild one!