Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The end is in sight!

It's hard to believe it, but I am almost finished with school! I remember shedding many tears after receiving my acceptance letter for fear of being away from my children, but this time has really flown by. I struggled with the decision to start the program while Levin was so little, but I am so happy that I made that hard decision back then. Now I'm only months away from starting my career and I can focus more on the important things in my life.

I just completed the fourth semester and only have one more to go. Yes, only ONE more! The first seven weeks will consist of community nursing, along with a course on Management and Legal. During the final seven weeks I will be working alongside one nursing doing a Preceptorship. We just signed up for our top choices and I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm hoping for NICU, L&D, or Mom/Baby. I'm excited to work with one nurse for 160+ hours to really get a good feel for what nursing is all about.

The last two semesters have included Med/Surg, Community, OB, Peds, Psych, Research, Transcultural, and Critical Care. I've enjoyed rotating through the units and getting to experience a wide array of nursing specialties, but it's also been a hindrance. It's very frustrating moving around so much. As soon as you get comfortable in a unit, you are quickly whisked away to an entirely different one. It's not easy being a student when many experienced nurses act bothered by your presence. But I've also worked alongside some fantastic nurses who made me feel wonderful about myself and my potential. It'll also be nice to start working just three twelve-hour shifts a week. That is what I am most excited for! Yes, I'm going to be exhausted by the end of the day and probably wont see my children much at all on my workdays, but I will have four whole days each week so spend with them. I'm really looking forward to being Nurse Mommy, not Nursing School Mommy.

Even with the disadvantage of having two young children while in the program, I've been doing wonderful. In fact, I've been excelling! I was just inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, an International Honor Society for Nurses. It was a great honor to be among the few who were nominated and I do not take this accomplishment lightly.

I was also recently inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success, and was invited into the Golden Key International Honor Society for a second year. I must be doing something right! (Even though I personally see myself as the biggest procrastinator on the planet.)

So wish me luck as I pursue the final four months of schooling. All my hard work is coming to an end and the job hunt is right around the corner. After passing my boards and a long, long, long vacation of course!

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