Friday, May 17, 2013

Bring on Paradise!

Graduation is right around the corner and I cannot wait to hop on the first plane out of here.

Nursing school has confined me to this state for far too long. I honestly don't think I've been in Alaska more than six consecutive months since we moved up in 2007. I get a little stir crazy from the isolation away from my friends and family and find myself returning home (or to Hawaii!) quite frequently. Levi's traveled and vacationed  a bit during my schooling so you can imagine the jealousy and resentment that has caused. This mama is beyond ready for a vacation. And I mean a serious vacation!

I plan to leave for at least a month as soon as school is all said and done. I will be flying down to California with the kids shortly after my recognition ceremony and Levi will join us a week or so after that. For the first time since having two munchkins, we are going to leave the kids behind and take a true vacation to paradise! My graduation and our wedding anniversary fall within a few days of each other so this is a perfect opportunity to get away and spend some quality time as husband and wife.

We took a cruise on our honeymoon and have been wanting to do another one ever since. I've had my eye on a particular one for a few years so we decided to take the plunge and finally book it!

We will be departing out of Galveston, Texas on a 7-night Western Caribbean Cruise. Our destinations include Montego Bay, Jamaica...the Grand Cayman Islands...and Cozumel, Mexico. Can you say heaven?!

Of course I intend to spend nearly two weeks in Cali before we depart to ensure that the boys are comfortable, and probably an additional week or two after our cruise. I'm excited to hang out with my family and take a short getaway with all my girls. And there are so many activities that I want to take my boys to experience back home, too. My list just keeps growing!

Rumor has it that I can't take my state boards until late September, so I see no need to sit around Alaska when I can just as easily study back in Cali. August cannot come fast enough. Senioritis has hit me hard and I'm already falling into vacation mode!

Now that my cruise is officially booked, hopefully this will give me the incentive to get in better shape. It's amazing how one can be so skinny yet flabby at the same time. Time to get beach ready!

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