Thursday, May 30, 2013

Successful Siblings

The hardest thing about living in Alaska is being so far away from my family...especially when big events occur. This last week I was quickly reminded that my siblings are no longer little and instead are growing up and truly beginning lives of their own. In the last few months my family has been blessed with graduations, new school degrees, US Navy enlisting, a pregnancy, and a wedding!

I am so stinkin' excited to know that I am on the way to becoming an auntie!! I love being a mother and have secretly (ok, maybe not so secretly) hoped for one of my sisters to get pregnant. Amanda will be 15 weeks tomorrow so we are getting closer to that highly anticipated gender reveal. I can't wait to have a new niece or nephew this November :) And in addition to baking me a baby, she just got her Associates of Art in Medical Office Administration. I know she didn't feel like it was a big deal since she's still pushing forward, but I'm very proud of her recent accomplishment.

Amber is doing very well for herself these days, too! She is currently living in Pensacola, Florida where she is completing her schooling for the United States Navy's IT program. She is set to finish up there soon and will hopefully get a nice duty station. I know she's keeping her fingers crossed for San Diego, which is great for me because I definitely need another excuse to vacation somewhere warm. Last week her boyfriend, Mitch, flew down to visit her and he proposed on the beach at sunset. And the next day...they tied the knot! So she is now officially Mrs. Kochishan! It was a very quick engagement, but they had everything already planned out ahead of time. She knew that he was coming to propose, but the details of the event were left as a surprise for her. I wish everyone could have been there, but they had a nice intimate ceremony for themselves. I look forward to getting to know my new brother-in-law and hopefully spending some quality time with the newlyweds. My fingers are crossed that she will be home around the same time as we are in August/September.

Another reality check for me was that my brother Brian just graduated from High School. High School? Seriously? Out of all of the recent events, this one was by far the most shocking to me. Sometimes I feel like time stopped in place after we moved, so I still tend to view Brian as my 11 year old baby brother. I can't believe that he's done with school and is about to start the next chapter in his life. Sounds like he is very interested in working with our dad instead of going to college, but hopefully he'll change his mind. He had a few academic set-backs in school that posed a threat to him walking, but he pulled through and got to cross the stage just like everyone else. I'm really proud of all the hard work he did to get where he is now. Congrats to the class of '13!

And we can't forget little Cameron! Can you believe he is now 6 years old? Crazy, right? He's almost a 1st grader. I have been gone almost all of his life so sometimes its hard for me to picture him as my little brother. Being as he is only 18 months older than Lucas, I often feel like he is one of my friends kiddos. But even through the distance I try to be very involved and up-to-date on his life. I am so proud of all that he has pushed past and overcome, and I am so excited to get the boys together this summer. I love this little guy and really miss him. I wish more than anything that he and Lucas could grow up together. Hopefully someday that will be a reality.

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