Thursday, May 16, 2013

Champagne and glaciers

This past weekend I was invited to join some friends on the Champagne and Shoes Glacier Cruise. It was a 4 hour long trip out of Whittier and thankfully for us the weather was quite nice.

I left the boys home with Levi and got to spend an entire day out of the house. That is a rarity these days so I jumped on the opportunity to sneak away!

We saw porpoises, eagles, sheep and of course, lots of spectacular glaciers! I was nervous that I was going to get motion sickness, but the boat was large enough that I was able to focus my attention away from the water when needed. They put on a fashion show and catered delicious food and champagne. We got some orange juice and enjoyed some much needed mimosas while staring out into the beautiful scenery. Blissful!

Every time I start to get depressed and lonely up here I am quickly reminded of the beauty all around me. I'm making a pact to myself to travel and truly enjoy this summer (whenever it finally decides to make its appearance!). Can't wait for warmer weather and lots of camping!

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